Time: 10.42 PM

Location: My Lovely room as usual ^^

Mood: unhappy, unsad… Nothing.

Typing using: My BlackBerry 9900, named Miruuuu.

#1 MBLAQ – Rust [this song was so…. Deep into my heart]
#2 JYJ – You’re.
#3 MBLAQ – I Shouldn’t Say…
#4 2PM – Ultra Lover!
#5 (one of Goong OST but I forget the title and the singer :p) the intro was: Sarang-in jul mollaso, salmyeonshi naeryeo anja ~ ♬ [I have a bad ear anyway! Seriously hahaha]

What do I feel?
So damn tired!
Headache ㅠ.ㅠ
I must pass this week straightly (?)

What happen?
Okay, today was first day exam. Thanks God Sosiology isn’t that hard. It’s easy yet confusing. Maybe because I feel too nervous, at first I just starred blankly to the paper lol and one of my friend was so silly XD funny!
Watching how Infinite do scorpion dance (only the scorpion dance) made me curious and amazed! How can they do that??? Okay, I bet their parents were a scorpion (?) #thatcantbe :p
I’m not interested with Soccer. Today was the last games — of course soccer — between Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m not watching it. But it feels like I’m watching it just by looking recent updates on my bbm. Lol at first I thought, Indonesia must win tonight. They made goal first. But the ending just hurt me. 5-4 (my Dad says so, I don’t know the right score anyway. I didn’t look into my recent updates again). Well, Congratz Malaysia (:
I just wish Indonesia and Malaysia become friend, not enemy like now ㅠ.ㅠ
Geez! I catch flu again! With headache! So saaaaaaad! It’s exam week and I must suffering from this ㅠ.ㅠ flu isn’t a serious thing, but it’s really hard time for me!
Anyway, today was only the first day. I must pass 4 exam-days more! Freedom, I’m coming!! XDD

What do you need?
I need an advice: How to study?
I never study well. And I don’t know how to study with a true way lol.

Any Messages?
I really tired right now. Sorry if I’m not replying your message now.
And hey one of my friend — he’s a fanboy — please keep teach me how to do Scorpion dance lol it’s so damn hard!