12.27 AM — it’s already morn.

My Lovely room as usual ^^

Hueeeeee ~

Typing using:
My BlackBerry 9900, named Miruuuu.

There’s no any sound.

What do I feel?
– Hungry. I want some McD with Cola ㅠ.ㅠ
– Super tired!
– Mad .-.

What happen?
– Well I’m on my diet program and it force me to drink Soda, Coffee, and Milk! Omg I miss them ㅠ.ㅠ
– Finally. My mid-term-exam week has ended! Okay it’s officially end XD but I don’t get any idea about holiday. I think there’s no holiday even for a week. Oh man -__- I want to sleep moreeee! >< And they're on Las Vegas now! They're rocking! XD But Mir can't enter some place, right? He's only 20 — on international ages — and they said ppl can enter those please 21+? Doongie already 21 so he don't have any problems! Hahaha. Maybe Miru and Dongwoon will do something together since they're only 20 XD
– HyunA and Hyunseung become a duo and ahsvasuyah I really love their concept! Actually I'm not a 4nia either b2uty (well I almost become a b2uty lately lol) but their concept just hot! December december! Please come faster! So many interesting thing on December! I'm looking forward for it!

What do you need?
– Money as usual lol
– I need MBLAQ’s performance at Las Vegas -_- Picts are good too :3

Any Messages?
Will Infinite and 2PM release an official calendar or Season Greeting?
Can I sleep now? Hihi
Ppyong ~ ♥