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December 4th, 2011

When I’m going to sleep, I read some recent updates on my bbm. And suddenly I feel hurt.
The Last Sukira with DJ EunTeuk
My tears just fall like that. Seeing the picture which Sukira’s seat empty, without EunTeuk anymore. Remembering all the memories with DJ EunTeuk. Thanks for this 5 years, 3 months, 1932 days, from 10-12PM KST, you always there. We’ll miss you for sure. Please comeback sometimes :”)
I just cry silently here. If my mom hear me, she will ask me what happen.
And this night, I realized something….
I can’t not LOVE them
They are… Super Junior..
Maybe I’m stop become an ELF lately. But I want you to remember that I stop it not because I hate Super Junior, but I hate those immature-ELFs. Eventhough I’m not an ELF, my heart will always with them.
But I think, I can’t stop become an ELF. The BlueSapphire-blood was already filling me :’) And it can’t stop like this!
I love you, Super Junior. Sorry for everything.. We’ll wait for you.

PS: Happy birthday Kwon Yuri! xDD I wish I can have body like yours lol :p


December 1st, 2011.

Finally Cube release their new duo, Trouble Maker! I was very curious since the news out, and also the teaser make me more anxious xp
The title song, Trouble Maker, was really cube, I mean, it’s really their style. And I love it! But I don’t like auto-tone -,- fortunately there are not too much auto-tone on this song. The whistling part was stuck in my head! XDD
I think this song is about a true trouble maker — because of the concept was private party lol — but after hear it, I know the meaning of this song! Hahaha, really I love this song!
And another track, Hyunseung’s solo, #4 — I forgot the title — is good song too. I can hear only Hyunseung’s voice! I love his voice. It’s kinda special.
For another two tracks, I haven’t listen to it. Because I must go out this afternoon ._.

Second! IU’s 2nd album: Last Fantasy! Finished downloading her MV in one hour. Okay it’s almost 9 minutes and I download the 1080hd ._. Wow ~ but I don’t really get about the meaning of that MV ._. I haven’t read the translation of this song xp
But I also do love her new song! XD You and I was a cute song followed with IU’s natural image. The dance is perfect too ^^
It’s a simple dance but gosh it’s look so damn cute! The man in her MV looks so cute too :3 but I thought it was Lee Seunggi at the very first time! Xp
Everything about IU just so cute XD
Anyway, I just realized that IU and me were similar. On the latest interview, she said that she have a Cool personality, he even not smile at people at Loen Ent. Lol me too! But maybe the different is, I just look have a cool personality, but in reality, I can get shy and nervous easily. Hahaha ~
Lee Jieun! Manse! Lol ~ XD