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December 4th, 2011

When I’m going to sleep, I read some recent updates on my bbm. And suddenly I feel hurt.
The Last Sukira with DJ EunTeuk
My tears just fall like that. Seeing the picture which Sukira’s seat empty, without EunTeuk anymore. Remembering all the memories with DJ EunTeuk. Thanks for this 5 years, 3 months, 1932 days, from 10-12PM KST, you always there. We’ll miss you for sure. Please comeback sometimes :”)
I just cry silently here. If my mom hear me, she will ask me what happen.
And this night, I realized something….
I can’t not LOVE them
They are… Super Junior..
Maybe I’m stop become an ELF lately. But I want you to remember that I stop it not because I hate Super Junior, but I hate those immature-ELFs. Eventhough I’m not an ELF, my heart will always with them.
But I think, I can’t stop become an ELF. The BlueSapphire-blood was already filling me :’) And it can’t stop like this!
I love you, Super Junior. Sorry for everything.. We’ll wait for you.

PS: Happy birthday Kwon Yuri! xDD I wish I can have body like yours lol :p


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November 29, 2011 (I forgot to published it lol)

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Not good, not bad

What’s on my mind?
• Gosh! I forgot to streaming MAMA today ㅠ.ㅠ how can I forget it? Huhu so sad! And I’m missing those “trouble maker” moment lol
• And OMG! I got my Blaq Style 3D!! Thanks God! Finally! The 3D edition has already sold out at Korea since a few months ago. And I feel so sad ㅠ.ㅠ But I still can get this items! So happy!! XD
• Okay. It was happening. Infinite 2012 Season Greeting is real and the price is almost same with Blaq+ 2012 Season Greeting. But definitely I’ll buy it. I already buy Wonder World, Black Eyes, and Trouble Maker anyway xDD I still need money to buy Moving in Secret, Last Fantasy, and Happy Pledis (well I have no idea why I want this things. Maybe because the calendar? Lol actually I never look on my calendar xp). It’s a good thing that MBLAQ postponed their comeback xDD still have much time to save money!!!
• I wish MBLAQ’s Asia Tour will include Indonesia. Pleaseeeeee! I beg you, JTune and Indonesian Promotor!!! Hiks but if it’s real, I want to successing this concert. How if it’s end up like JYJ and CNBlue? .___. Anyway, I have a strange feeling regarding to CNBlue’s concert. I just thinking, how if the head of cnblue promotor was same with jyj?? I mean, it’s a similar things. While the tickets almost sold out and it was sooo close to D-Day, the Management suddenly canceled the concert. There’s still soooooo many ppl whose money gone! The suspect was gone with the money!! I wish all the buyer of cnblue’s tix will get their money back >3<

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Mood: JUST-WTF?!!!

What happen?

It was a quite night. And imma going to sleep right now. Feel so tired today.
I took my Miruuu and start browsing. It was my old habit. Searching for new info about KPop. And some things I want to buy.
I typing “ComeBLAQ” on twitter and I got a lot of results. And the main thing is: ComeBLAQ is postponed to Next Year! They said it’ll January – again – but there’s no official info about this. So I still have time to keep my money! I must buy their upcoming album for sure :3
And this month they’ll just release a digital single. It’s not problem. Actually it’s really good! I mean, this year their schedule was totally full. I was wondering did they have enough time to rest? Did they eat well? Etc…
Look at Seungho…. Comparing to the last promotions, he’s getting skinnier. Yaaaa I know he’s too fat (?) for idol-standart but that’s not a big things! I love his chubby face and his zero-pack body rofl :p
Back to the topic. I was happy that comeBLAQ is postponed to next year! Blaqies have more time to preparing for this! I’m sure it’ll be amazing ^^ eventhough I know that they’ll postponed their asia-tour too ._. But!!!! I still have more time to keep my money for their concert. I just hope Indonesia will be on their list too! I want to see them so badlyyyyyy ㅠ.ㅠ
And!!! After I look up for “comeblaq”, I decided to search for “mblaq”.. Hmmm there’s more result about this. And the most annoying things are:

– Cheondung (MBLAQ) and Yuri (SNSD) confirmed to be a new couple on WGM 2012 –

Oh, hello WGM!!! Are you crazy?!!! For God’s sake, MBLAQ still have their schedule packed until their asia-tour ended!!!! And also, why Cheondung? And why Yuri?? I also look up for another couple. There’s Gikwang-Yoona, Minho-HyunA, Eli-Hara, Yoseob-Jiyeon, Seungri-Krystal, Donghae-Dara, Taeyang-Hyosung, Dongwoon-Chris, Chansung-Jooyeon, Wooyoung-Nana!

My feeling said that this rumour just a real rumour. Look, so many couples and the couples just weird! I think they have no charm! As long as I watch WGM, they always pick the person with a charm. Such as Khuntoria and Adam Couple! And…. Why is the 2012 WGM’s couple all kpop-dols? Leeteuk-Sora, Sora isn’t a KPop-dols. David-Risae, I don’t know anything about them but I’m sure they’re not from kpop-dols. Oh please, don’t spread rumour like this!!! If you want to spread this rumour, then you should think twice about the couple. Donghae-Dara already on a rumour since last year. I’m not shocked at all after read this. And maybe, they can make a good couple — maybe.

Okay…. After all, I hope all of this shit just a totally-rumour. WGM is nice if you love the couple but it’ll be a shit if you’re not love the couple. Such as Khuntoria and Adam Couple — I love these couples so much! And about Yongseo Couple — I don’t like this couple. They have no charm or anything for me. I don’t know if it because I love Yonghwa too much or I just don’t like Seo lol idk xp

I’m not biasing. If my bias join WGM, maybe I’ll mad or something like that. But if my-bias-couple have some charm, I can ship them so much!

MBLAQ, B2st, Infinite, and other boyband-that-i-like (lol) please don’t join WGM ㅠ.ㅠ

I beg you…..

12.27 AM — it’s already morn.

My Lovely room as usual ^^

Hueeeeee ~

Typing using:
My BlackBerry 9900, named Miruuuu.

There’s no any sound.

What do I feel?
– Hungry. I want some McD with Cola ㅠ.ㅠ
– Super tired!
– Mad .-.

What happen?
– Well I’m on my diet program and it force me to drink Soda, Coffee, and Milk! Omg I miss them ㅠ.ㅠ
– Finally. My mid-term-exam week has ended! Okay it’s officially end XD but I don’t get any idea about holiday. I think there’s no holiday even for a week. Oh man -__- I want to sleep moreeee! >< And they're on Las Vegas now! They're rocking! XD But Mir can't enter some place, right? He's only 20 — on international ages — and they said ppl can enter those please 21+? Doongie already 21 so he don't have any problems! Hahaha. Maybe Miru and Dongwoon will do something together since they're only 20 XD
– HyunA and Hyunseung become a duo and ahsvasuyah I really love their concept! Actually I'm not a 4nia either b2uty (well I almost become a b2uty lately lol) but their concept just hot! December december! Please come faster! So many interesting thing on December! I'm looking forward for it!

What do you need?
– Money as usual lol
– I need MBLAQ’s performance at Las Vegas -_- Picts are good too :3

Any Messages?
Will Infinite and 2PM release an official calendar or Season Greeting?
Can I sleep now? Hihi
Ppyong ~ ♥

Oke dari kemaren gw sok-sok inggris gitu ya wkwk bukannya sombong cuma mau ngetest otak aja gimana. Mana itu semua ditulis dengan keadaan otak udah 5% (?) Udah kaga banget dah wkwk tp masih lumayan bisa. Gw masih bisa improve #apasih

Hari ini gw libur curcol pake bahasa inggris, cape banget sih hari ini -___- asli gw baru pernah ngerasain UTS selama kehidupan kuliah gw #lebay
Yaaa, actually sama aja sih gw ngga belajar. Nyentuh buku pun dikit, cuma sok-sok liat gitu deh, biar disangka baca. Padahal sih otaknya udah melayang ke Seoul huahahaha
Cuma gw ga nyangka lebih cape + lebih pegel. Abis essay sih. Jadilah gw mengarang indah. Untung masi nyambung sama pertanyaannya, kalo gw bikin FF gimana? Nanti dosennya ga ngerti, terus manggil gw? Terus omelin gw, nasehatin gw? Terus, salah gw? Salah nyokap gw? Salah kucing gw? Salah KPop kali Sir! #ngaco

Otak gw makin kesini makin konslet ya -___- sedih banget sih. Kemanakah otakku yang dulu? Yang masih bekerja dengan baik? Masa sih gw harus ganti otak? Otak baru kan mahal, gw jual diri aja kaga cukup buat beli itu, mending ada yg mau beli. Kalo otak second sih banyak. Mending kalo bekas Einstein, kalo bekas Sunhwa? Lee Joon?!! Gimana coba? *dibakar secret-time & aplus* hahahaha

Ini baru jam setengah 11 dan gw udah kaya gini. Gimana kalo jam 2? WordPress ngamuk kali yak ama gw

Ngomong-ngomong soal wordpress, gila hari ini gw bener-bener latihan Scorpion Dance! Berkat liputan Infinite di Jepang buat promosi BTD, terus Hoya ngajarin gitu deh how to do Scorpion Dance. Alaaaaah! Gw liat dia kaenya ringan banget yak. Apa badan gw keberatan?! Iya sih /plak.
Konsepnya sih gw udah dapet, cuma pelaksanaannya itu. Alhasil, selama total 3 jam belajar. Yg gw dapatkan itu: Otot tangan sakit, dengkul kanan memar, dagu gw juga ikutan memar kaenya. Kalo ga ngerti kenapa bisa gitu, bisa dicoba aja ya. Wkwkwk.

Daaaan! Oh Em Gee!! Gw benci banget sama temen-smp gw. Well dia sunbae gw sih waktu smp, terus skrng di univ ternyata dia jadi sunbae gw lg. Kenapa gitu harus dia? Untung aja kaga satu fakultas. And for God’s sake! Gw kesel banget sama dia! Swt! Kok ada sih orang kae gitu? -___- Kalo gw udah ga manusiawi sih udah gw delcont!

Btw btw btw, Dongwoo ecieeee ulang taon *lempar kue* mana pake acara nangis segala wkwk Dongwoo-ya, lu tuh gausah nangis aja udah jelek apalagi nangis huahaha *ditabok*
Boong kok, walau lu ga ganteng kaya si Kim Myungsoo *L kibas rambut*, tapi lu punya charm. Gw ga ngerti sih kenapa lu punya charm, padahal kan lu cowo dan ga mungkin M. Apa lu nyuri punya Sungjong? #ngaco

Asli! Gw seneng banget baca Mir’s cafe entry ♥ sesuatu banget deh! Thanks ABM for the translation ><
Gw jadi terus ngebayangin, gimana ya konsep MBLAQ nanti? Moga sesuai harapan gw. Asli gw ga sabar banget nungguin tanggal comeBLAQ dari JTune! Ayolah, umumin napa? Jadi bisa nabung XD

Oh iya, kaga ada yg minat neh sama 5jib? Ntar ane kasi additional bonus loh. Ayolah pada beli. Butuh duit nih gw ㅠ.ㅠ
Asli ya bulan ini tuh pengeluaran gw sangat amat besar banget. Blaq+ Season Greeting 400-500ribu, Monalisa Style DVD 800-900ribu. Well gw yakin sih Monalisa Style ada versi Koreanya, tapi kaga afdol kalo ga beli sekarang! Takutnya lama -_-
Ayolah pada beli 5jib ayo ayo dibeli dibeli wkwk
List album yg pengen gw beli:
1. WG's Wonder World
2. Secret's Moving In Secret
3. IU's Last Fantasy
4. 2PM's Republic Of 2PM [Sebenernya ini pasti nyokap beli sih wkwkwk]
Gw baru kebeli T-Ara's Black Eyes aja nih. Asli tadinya gw ngga minat tapi pas liat ukurannya di backstage-music-bank minggu lalu, itu guedeeeeeeeee banget! Moga mata gw ga salah liat sih. Taulah, mata gw kan rada-rada gimana gitu wkwkwk

December, please come faster ♥
Banyak banget yg gw tunggu di Bulan December.
1. MBLAQ's comeback + new album!
2. X-5's comeback
3. My Monalisa Style DVD will arrived at Jakarta! Tanggalnya mepet sama Natal wohoooo itu anggep aja sebagai kado Natal gw! X)
4. Blaq+ Season Greeting nyampe di tangan! Sekaligus T-Ara's Black Eyes.
5. What else? Idk idk, nanti gw update lg deh lol :p

Udahan ah. Cape. Kasian Miruuu, dia udah ngantuk. Yuk ah, mareeeee *lempar recehan* *kibas alis*

[Just…] Mid-term exam week!

Time: 10.42 PM

Location: My Lovely room as usual ^^

Mood: unhappy, unsad… Nothing.

Typing using: My BlackBerry 9900, named Miruuuu.

#1 MBLAQ – Rust [this song was so…. Deep into my heart]
#2 JYJ – You’re.
#3 MBLAQ – I Shouldn’t Say…
#4 2PM – Ultra Lover!
#5 (one of Goong OST but I forget the title and the singer :p) the intro was: Sarang-in jul mollaso, salmyeonshi naeryeo anja ~ ♬ [I have a bad ear anyway! Seriously hahaha]

What do I feel?
So damn tired!
Headache ㅠ.ㅠ
I must pass this week straightly (?)

What happen?
Okay, today was first day exam. Thanks God Sosiology isn’t that hard. It’s easy yet confusing. Maybe because I feel too nervous, at first I just starred blankly to the paper lol and one of my friend was so silly XD funny!
Watching how Infinite do scorpion dance (only the scorpion dance) made me curious and amazed! How can they do that??? Okay, I bet their parents were a scorpion (?) #thatcantbe :p
I’m not interested with Soccer. Today was the last games — of course soccer — between Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m not watching it. But it feels like I’m watching it just by looking recent updates on my bbm. Lol at first I thought, Indonesia must win tonight. They made goal first. But the ending just hurt me. 5-4 (my Dad says so, I don’t know the right score anyway. I didn’t look into my recent updates again). Well, Congratz Malaysia (:
I just wish Indonesia and Malaysia become friend, not enemy like now ㅠ.ㅠ
Geez! I catch flu again! With headache! So saaaaaaad! It’s exam week and I must suffering from this ㅠ.ㅠ flu isn’t a serious thing, but it’s really hard time for me!
Anyway, today was only the first day. I must pass 4 exam-days more! Freedom, I’m coming!! XDD

What do you need?
I need an advice: How to study?
I never study well. And I don’t know how to study with a true way lol.

Any Messages?
I really tired right now. Sorry if I’m not replying your message now.
And hey one of my friend — he’s a fanboy — please keep teach me how to do Scorpion dance lol it’s so damn hard!


[Just…] waiting for comeBLAQ!

Time: 10.21 PM

Location: My Lovely room as usual ^^

Mood: Hmmm, idk lol

Typing using: My BlackBerry 9900, named Miruuuu.

Backsound: gecko… Gecko… (He always gecko-ing everynight but I never see this animal ><)

What do I feel?
Shocked when someone spreads rumour about SS4INA. Well, it’s not the first time so I feel nothing.

What happen?
Today? Hmmmm… I drink Coke ㅠ.ㅠ Honestly I’m on a diet-program and I can’t drink Coke — Soda things — Milk, and Coffee. I have no prob with Coffee because I’m not like it too much. But I really love with Soda and Milk! Especially if you mix them! That’s the most delicious things in my world ㅠ.ㅠ Well I must start to hold myself. I need to loss about 6-8kgs more. It’s still a long time! Hwaiting!
I gain some money today ^^ it’s not too much, but now I can buy IU’s 2nd album and T-ara’s Black Eyes. But I need to gain more money so I can buy Secret’s first album and WG’s 4th album. And also prepare for comeBLAQ ❤ Seungho says that MBLAQ will release a new album this early-december! Omo I'm so excited but, I think Blaqies need more rest. Eottohke? ㅠ.ㅠ

What do you need?
I need G.O’s tweet ㅠ.ㅠ where’s he? You make me worried these days!
I need someone who want to buy 5jib. Lol seriously, I need money!

Any Messages?
C’mon ELFs who hasn’t buy 5jib, I gave you a discount and bonus. Hihihi. I want to tidy up my room. 5jib were so big and it makes my room full -____-
For those who spreads rumour about SS4, please don’t to these thing again. I feel pity for those who believing your words.

Ppyong~ ♥