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What happen?

It was a quite night. And imma going to sleep right now. Feel so tired today.
I took my Miruuu and start browsing. It was my old habit. Searching for new info about KPop. And some things I want to buy.
I typing “ComeBLAQ” on twitter and I got a lot of results. And the main thing is: ComeBLAQ is postponed to Next Year! They said it’ll January – again – but there’s no official info about this. So I still have time to keep my money! I must buy their upcoming album for sure :3
And this month they’ll just release a digital single. It’s not problem. Actually it’s really good! I mean, this year their schedule was totally full. I was wondering did they have enough time to rest? Did they eat well? Etc…
Look at Seungho…. Comparing to the last promotions, he’s getting skinnier. Yaaaa I know he’s too fat (?) for idol-standart but that’s not a big things! I love his chubby face and his zero-pack body rofl :p
Back to the topic. I was happy that comeBLAQ is postponed to next year! Blaqies have more time to preparing for this! I’m sure it’ll be amazing ^^ eventhough I know that they’ll postponed their asia-tour too ._. But!!!! I still have more time to keep my money for their concert. I just hope Indonesia will be on their list too! I want to see them so badlyyyyyy ㅠ.ㅠ
And!!! After I look up for “comeblaq”, I decided to search for “mblaq”.. Hmmm there’s more result about this. And the most annoying things are:

– Cheondung (MBLAQ) and Yuri (SNSD) confirmed to be a new couple on WGM 2012 –

Oh, hello WGM!!! Are you crazy?!!! For God’s sake, MBLAQ still have their schedule packed until their asia-tour ended!!!! And also, why Cheondung? And why Yuri?? I also look up for another couple. There’s Gikwang-Yoona, Minho-HyunA, Eli-Hara, Yoseob-Jiyeon, Seungri-Krystal, Donghae-Dara, Taeyang-Hyosung, Dongwoon-Chris, Chansung-Jooyeon, Wooyoung-Nana!

My feeling said that this rumour just a real rumour. Look, so many couples and the couples just weird! I think they have no charm! As long as I watch WGM, they always pick the person with a charm. Such as Khuntoria and Adam Couple! And…. Why is the 2012 WGM’s couple all kpop-dols? Leeteuk-Sora, Sora isn’t a KPop-dols. David-Risae, I don’t know anything about them but I’m sure they’re not from kpop-dols. Oh please, don’t spread rumour like this!!! If you want to spread this rumour, then you should think twice about the couple. Donghae-Dara already on a rumour since last year. I’m not shocked at all after read this. And maybe, they can make a good couple — maybe.

Okay…. After all, I hope all of this shit just a totally-rumour. WGM is nice if you love the couple but it’ll be a shit if you’re not love the couple. Such as Khuntoria and Adam Couple — I love these couples so much! And about Yongseo Couple — I don’t like this couple. They have no charm or anything for me. I don’t know if it because I love Yonghwa too much or I just don’t like Seo lol idk xp

I’m not biasing. If my bias join WGM, maybe I’ll mad or something like that. But if my-bias-couple have some charm, I can ship them so much!

MBLAQ, B2st, Infinite, and other boyband-that-i-like (lol) please don’t join WGM ㅠ.ㅠ

I beg you…..


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[NEWS] Male Idols with singing Ability rank by Korean Vocal Coach

1. JYJ JunSu (Tone: 8.5, Treble: 4, Skills: 4, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 8.5, Total: 29.5)

2. PARAN Ace (Tone: 8, Treble: 5, Skills: 4, Volume: 4.5, Expressiveness – 7, Total: 28.5)

JYJ JaeJoong (Tone: 7.5, Treble: 4.5, Skills: 4, Volume: 5, Expressiveness – 7.5, Total: 28.5)

3. BigBang TaeYang (Tone: 8.5, Treble: 3, Skills: 4, Volume: 3.5, Expressiveness – 8.5, Total: 27.5)

4. FT Island HongKi (Tone: 9, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 7, Total: 26.5)

2AM ChangMin (Tone: 6, Treble: 5, Skills: 4.5, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 7, Total: 26.5)

SHINee JongHyun (Tone: 7, Treble: 5, Skills: 4, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 6.5, Total: 26.5)

5. CNBLUE YongHwa (Tone: 7.5, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3.5,Volume: 4,Expressiveness – 7, Total: 25.5)

MBLAQ G.O (Tone:7, Treble:4, Skills:4, Volume:3.5, Expressiveness-7, Total: 25.5)

6. SHINee Onew (Tone: 8.5, Treble: 3, Skills: 3, Volume: 3.5, Expressiveness – 7, Total: 25)

7. SS501 YoungSaeng (Tone: 7.5,Treble: 4, Skills: 3.5,Vol : 3.5, Expressiveness– 6, Total: 24.5)

KyuHyun (Tone: 8,Treble: 3, Skills: 3.5,Volume: 3.5,Expressiveness –   6.5, Total: 24.5)

YeSung (Tone: 7,Treble: 3.5,Skills: 3.5,Volume: 3.5,Expressiveness – 7, Total: 24.5)

8. 2AM JoKwon (Tone: 6, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 4, Volume: 3, Expressiveness – 7.5, Total: 24)

9. RyeoWook Suju (Tone: 7.5, Treble: 3.5,Skills: 3, Volume:   3,Expressiveness – 6.5, Total: 23.5)

10. DBSK ChangMin (Tone: 5, Treble: 5, Skills: 3, Volume: 5, Expressiveness – 5, Total: 23)

        U-Kiss SooHyun (Tone: 6, Treble: 4, Skills: 3, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 6, Total: 23)

        BEAST YoSeob (Tone: 6.5, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 6, Total: 23)

11. JYJ YooChun (Tone: 6.5, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3.5, Volume: 3, Expressiveness – 6, Total: 22.5)

CNBLUE JongHyun (Tone: 8, Treble: 2.5, Skills: 3, Vol: 2.5, Expressiveness – 6.5, Total: 22.5)

2PM JunSu (Tone: 6, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3.5, Volume: 3.5, Expressiveness – 5.5, Total: 22.5)

12. DaeSung (Tone: 6, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 2.5, Volume: 4, Expressiveness – 5.5, Total: 21.5)

B1A4 SanDeul (Tone: 6, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3, Volume: 3.5, Expressiveness – 5.5, Total: 21.5)

2AM Seulong (Tone: 7, Treble: 3.5, Skills: 3, Volume: 3, Expressiveness – 5, Total: 21.5)

13. SungMin Suju (Tone: 6, Treble: 3, Skills: 3, Volume: 3, Expressiveness –   5.5, Total: 20.5)

14. SHINee TaeMin (Tone: 7.5, Treble: 2.5, Skills: 2.5, Volume: 2, Expressiveness – 5, Total: 19.5)

15. TEENTOP Niel (Tone: 6, Treble: 2.5, Skills: 3, Volume: 2.5, Expressiveness – 5, Total: 19)

16. DBSK YunHo (Tone: 4, Tre    ble: 3, Skills: 2.5, Volume: 3, Expressiveness – 3.5, Total: 16)

2AM JinWoon (Tone: 6, Treble: 2, Skills: 2, Volume: 2, Expressiveness – 4, Total: 16)

SHINee Key (Tone: 4, Treble: 3, Skills: 2.5, Volume: 3, Expressiveness – 3.5, Total: 16)

17. BigBang SeungRi (Tone: 5, Treble: 1, Skills: 2, Volume: 2, Expressiveness – 3, Total: 13)

Source: NATE

Trans: Bizhen @ DS501fanpage ,

what do you think about this rank? do you guys agree with this? anyway, finally they SEE G.O’s skill!!! he’s at #5 same as Yonghwa — my biased too. OMG congratz G.O! ❤

i know that you can! i really love your voice! keep improve this ^^

and for Junsu and Jaejoong, it’s a common thing that they topped the Vocal Rank like this lol everyone know their talent and skill. and i feel a lil bit shocked because Yesung and Kyuhyun are in same place, with Youngsaeng too.

SMent, you must be regret because you THROW your GOLD! all JYJ member are there! i know why you forced them to be showed up in TV. you’re afraid, right? lol poor SM!

and congratz for Sandeul too ❤ he’s a newbie but he’s at #12! he’s amazing for sure! not all of Rookies of this year do not have a talent!

hooray for MBLAQ, JYJ, and B1A4!!!!!! <3333