December 1st, 2011.

Finally Cube release their new duo, Trouble Maker! I was very curious since the news out, and also the teaser make me more anxious xp
The title song, Trouble Maker, was really cube, I mean, it’s really their style. And I love it! But I don’t like auto-tone -,- fortunately there are not too much auto-tone on this song. The whistling part was stuck in my head! XDD
I think this song is about a true trouble maker — because of the concept was private party lol — but after hear it, I know the meaning of this song! Hahaha, really I love this song!
And another track, Hyunseung’s solo, #4 — I forgot the title — is good song too. I can hear only Hyunseung’s voice! I love his voice. It’s kinda special.
For another two tracks, I haven’t listen to it. Because I must go out this afternoon ._.

Second! IU’s 2nd album: Last Fantasy! Finished downloading her MV in one hour. Okay it’s almost 9 minutes and I download the 1080hd ._. Wow ~ but I don’t really get about the meaning of that MV ._. I haven’t read the translation of this song xp
But I also do love her new song! XD You and I was a cute song followed with IU’s natural image. The dance is perfect too ^^
It’s a simple dance but gosh it’s look so damn cute! The man in her MV looks so cute too :3 but I thought it was Lee Seunggi at the very first time! Xp
Everything about IU just so cute XD
Anyway, I just realized that IU and me were similar. On the latest interview, she said that she have a Cool personality, he even not smile at people at Loen Ent. Lol me too! But maybe the different is, I just look have a cool personality, but in reality, I can get shy and nervous easily. Hahaha ~
Lee Jieun! Manse! Lol ~ XD