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November 29, 2011 (I forgot to published it lol)

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Not good, not bad

What’s on my mind?
• Gosh! I forgot to streaming MAMA today ㅠ.ㅠ how can I forget it? Huhu so sad! And I’m missing those “trouble maker” moment lol
• And OMG! I got my Blaq Style 3D!! Thanks God! Finally! The 3D edition has already sold out at Korea since a few months ago. And I feel so sad ㅠ.ㅠ But I still can get this items! So happy!! XD
• Okay. It was happening. Infinite 2012 Season Greeting is real and the price is almost same with Blaq+ 2012 Season Greeting. But definitely I’ll buy it. I already buy Wonder World, Black Eyes, and Trouble Maker anyway xDD I still need money to buy Moving in Secret, Last Fantasy, and Happy Pledis (well I have no idea why I want this things. Maybe because the calendar? Lol actually I never look on my calendar xp). It’s a good thing that MBLAQ postponed their comeback xDD still have much time to save money!!!
• I wish MBLAQ’s Asia Tour will include Indonesia. Pleaseeeeee! I beg you, JTune and Indonesian Promotor!!! Hiks but if it’s real, I want to successing this concert. How if it’s end up like JYJ and CNBlue? .___. Anyway, I have a strange feeling regarding to CNBlue’s concert. I just thinking, how if the head of cnblue promotor was same with jyj?? I mean, it’s a similar things. While the tickets almost sold out and it was sooo close to D-Day, the Management suddenly canceled the concert. There’s still soooooo many ppl whose money gone! The suspect was gone with the money!! I wish all the buyer of cnblue’s tix will get their money back >3<